The school operates on a fee paying basis. Tuition can be paid monthly or semi-annually. A registration fee must accompany an application for enrollment. The registration fee is not refundable but is applied to tuition upon a child’s acceptance into the program. There are no additional fees for supplies or activities over and above the tuition. LMS does not engage in fund-raising activities and does not take government money/aid of any sort.

Tuition Schedule 2014-15

Morning Program – Five Days 8:30 - 11:30am
$1710.00/semester $388.00/month for 9 months

Second Child
$1654.00/semester $376.00/month for 9 months

$2060.00/semester $467.00/month for 9 months

Afternoon Program – Three Days 12:45 - 3:15pm
$998.00/semester $226.00/month for 9 months

Second Child
$966.00/semester $219.00/month for 9 months