Reviews of LMS

“Our son is fortunate to have met educators like you.  We really appreciate that you lead him”

“We appreciate the school’s philosophy and environment very much and are grateful our daughter had this experience.”

“Thank you for all your efforts in making our daughter’s experience at LMS so positive and enriching.”

“At Montessori we can feel confident he is being challenged and using his intellect in a healthful fashion.”

“Our daughter has flourished in the Montessori environment.  The building, the grounds, other students and of course the teachers are all so special.”

“We are so thankful that you are such an important part of [our son’s] life.”

“Larry, thank you for your patience, guidance, wisdom, energy and watchful eye. We truly appreciate all you do to enrich our lives.”

“I consider you an indispensable resource for the education of our children.”

“We see the “light” in our children’s eyes when they come home everyday. You play such an important role, thank you so much.”

“We feel that [our daughter] is in the best possible place. We appreciate your input into her life.”

“Thank you for three wonderful years filled with learning, wisdom and truly meaningful experiences, not only for our child, but also for us.”

“Our daughter has learned so much with you and that special place – LMS. I have learned so much too. Thank you for making such a wonderful difference in our lives.”

“We can never thank you enough for what you do for us.”

“It’s hard to find people that are so dedicated to their craft and their clientele. Thanks again for helping our children develop a passion for knowledge and a wonderful foundation for school.”

“We are happy that we were able to meet such good teachers and families at the Montessori School in Lincoln.”

“I feel strongly that the exposure E. has had at the school has had a significantly positive effect on his development.”

“We see wonderful things at home that we know you and your staff spend much time encouraging. A. thoroughly enjoys school.”