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After 45 years, Lincoln Montessori School closes its doors
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Lincoln Montessori marks 40 years of a passion for learning
Susie Sup of Lincoln says her children grew up to be very independent and confident adults. 'And I feel that this is partly because of their Montessori school training.' Ask Matt Marvin what he remembers about his toddler years, and he barely hesitates. Read more...

The Montessori Mafia
An article entitled “The Montessori Mafia” appeared in the Wall Street Journal  on 4/5/11. Written by Peter Sims It addresses the creativity and inventiveness that results from a good Montessori education. It can be found here...

A Commendation by Jeff Fortenberry
Extraordinary praise was bestowed upon the school by first district Congressman Jeff Fortenberry on the occasion of LMS's 40th anniversary, celebrated in September 2009. The following is the speech he made
before Congress on Monday, September 14, 2009. View video...