Does my child need to be toilet trained in order to attend LMS?
No. Children are not required to be toilet trained to start in our classes. Learning to use the toilet by oneself is one of the things children can learn here at school. When parents think that a child is ready to use the toilet alone, we invite them to let us know so that we can assist the process while the child is at school.

Do the children play outdoors?
Yes. When the weather is compatible with outdoor play, a brief recess is part of the children’s day.

Can my child attend kindergarten at LMS?
Yes.  Children who have attended LMS for two or more years can continue in the school through the kindergarten year. LMS is approved by the Nebraska Department of Education and meets the standards necessary to maintain this status.

Can my child bring things to show at school?
Bringing things from home is not encouraged. It is not necessary and distracts from the use of the rich Montessori learning environment. It also complicates the flow of arrival and dismissal.

I like to know how my child’s day went, but she does not tell me what she does at school!
It is not unusual for children to say little about their days. Remembering, recalling and recounting all come with age and experience. Knowing this we provide observation facilities where you can view your child’s class in session. There are also scheduled parent-teacher conferences and parent programs to inform parents about what happens in our Montessori classroom.