LMS is Closing

After 45 years in operation LMS will close its doors at the end of the 2014-15 academic year.  Primary classes for 2½ to 6 year olds will no longer be offered.

This decision was not taken lightly.  It was, however, influenced by the fact that MSO/LMS has been in operation since 1967 (LMS opened in 1969).  Larry and Mary Verschuur have spent almost 50 years working with children and ensuring the smooth running of up to four school locations during those five decades. Both are ready to relinquish that responsibility and to adopt a lifestyle more compatible with their ages. 

The directors have made no formal plans as yet regarding the disposal of the building and grounds. Its unique design and mid-century modern appearance have already caught the eyes of architects and developers who have heard of the school’s closing.  In all likelihood, as the original plans for the building indicate, it will be converted into a single family dwelling.  In the meantime it may take many months to wind down the school and to dispose of the materials and furnishings.  During that time the school will continue to offer its Parent Support classes, “At Home With Montessori” and “Montessori After Six” along with the Montessori enrichment and tutoring classes for lower elementary aged children. (Kelly, could we have links to these programs to click on here?)

The MSO pamphlet Features of a Good Montessori School by Lynn McCormick is available upon request.  It may help identify some of the qualities LMS’s staff consider to be the requirements of a good Montessori school.  Email here for a copy to be mailed to you and do please add a shipping address!