What Distinguishes LMS

LMS was established in Lincoln in 1969 in response to a group of Lincoln parents who sought a responsive early childhood environment for their children.

The school’s operation is based on the standards of the Association Montessori Internationale, the organization founded by Maria Montessori to protect the integrity of her ideas.

One of the school’s directors was amongst a small group of European trained Montessorians invited to start schools in the USA as the Montessori renaissance got underway here in the early 1960s.

LMS was built specifically as a Children’s House. That is, it was designed as a Montessori School and has been very effective in achieving the goals and objectives of Montessori education for over forty years.

The school has developed a natural playground and outdoor environment that anticipated by many years the current interest in and popularity of a natural outdoor environment for children.

The school charges tuition but no extra fees, fundraising or parent work days. This results in good service while the fixed tuition allows parents to know exactly what the school is going to cost them in terms of money and their time.

LMS is Closing